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A simple question, but not a simple answer. There are many different reasons that our clients initially reach out to us.

  • Do you feel confident that your financial life is in order?
  • Are you unsure of when, how or even if you'll retire?
  • Do you struggle with managing your portfolio or lack confidence in some of your investment decisions?
  • Do you have a 401(k) account that you've left with a previous employer?
  • Are you unhappy with your current 401(k) account's performance or investment options?
  • Does your annual tax bill confuse, upset or alarm you? Do you take your investment and retirement accounts into consideration when you plan for current and future taxation?
  • Is your spouse or other loved ones protected from loss of income if you were to pass away?
  • Have you considered the potential costs of healthcare while in retirement? Do you have a plan in place if you were to need assistance with daily living? Do your parents have such a plan in place?
  • Do you have children or grandchildren you would like to assist with college education costs? If you're already aiding them, do you know if your current plan is on track?
  • Have you executed a proper estate plan and had it updated within the last five years? (This is especially critical if you have a net worth of more than $1 million or have a complicated family situation.
  • Do you have the time or desire to stay up to date with the constantly changing investment, tax and political landscapes in the world today?

To help answer those questions, we have a long list of the value we provide our clients.

  1. We get to know you, your family, and your financial situation.
  2. We help you think about areas of your financial life you may not have considered.
  3. We help clients get further ahead than they would be if left to their own devices.
  4. We discuss the risk of long term care costs and help you decide the best way to prepare for it.
  5. We monitor changes in your life and family matters.
  6. We develop and monitor a customized and comprehensive financial plan for your family.
  7. We help solve problems of different kinds.
  8. We are a wise sounding board for ideas you are considering.
  9. Because we constantly monitor the markets and your investments, we attempt to take the stress and worry away from you.
  10. We serve as a human glossary of financial terms.
  11. We speak and understandable language.
  12. We don’t spend a lot of time discussing or worrying about things outside of our control.
  13. We educate you on the investments you own.
  14. We show how to access your statements and other information online, as well as access your accounts through an app on your phone.
  15. We reassure and educate you on investing through tough times.
  16. We simplify your financial lives by organizing and keep up to date your financial documents.



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